Some of you may have already read evidence of The Embodiment Conference (TEC) organizer Mark Walsh’s white supremacist and misogynistic statements. If you have not, you can find more information in the open letter that Tada Hozumi wrote on October 18th (https://tadahozumi.medium.com/public-letter-to-mark-walsh-and-the-embodiment-conference-ab9319ee4b69), the one that TEC volunteer Gabbie de Lara wrote on October 30th (https://medium.com/@gabbiedelara/a-volunteers-open-letter-to-the-embodiment-conference-6a99fcfbb55a), and the most recent letter asking for Mark to be de-platformed written on November 8th (https://notomarkwalsh.medium.com/we-need-to-de-platform-mark-walsh-and-the-embodiment-conference-59f5addf943). There is also a shareable drive of information and evidence that can be found at https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1mh-GkayjCWC77JiX6ApIUh7-pPW5XdJN

As well as responding to the invitation of co-signing the letter to de-platform Mark, we wanted to make our own statement about our involvement with TEC in 2020. …


Alex Iantaffi

parent, scholar, therapist, writer, activist, knitter, traveler, seeker, general rabble-rouser, passionate about healing justice.

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